R.I.P, Hudson & Harrigan On KILT-FM

​Since time immemorial, in Houston radio terms, there has been a Hudson & Harrigan show on KILT, both in the AM days and the FM present.

The people hosting under that moniker have changed, but the current team -- Fred Olson and Randy Hames -- have been doing it since 1982, the longest-running H&H team.

Until today.

KILT-FM program manager Jeff Garrison tells Hair Balls the two are no longer working for the station, and the H&H show is no more.

He said he'd send us a release on the matter, but we haven't gotten it; he directed us to an executive in Dallas for further comment but that person hasn't returned our call.

The release says "Fred Olson & Randy Hames departed today after 28 yrs..It is very hard to say good bye to the Hudson and Harrigan morning show today. KILT FM history is rich with H&H moments. We truly appreciate their contributions to our station and community and wish them the very best."

Reaction at the message board devoted to Houston radio matters has been somewhat mixed.

The guys had a hell of a run but have you listened to them lately? They had no spark and sounded like they were just going through the motions. To me, when they let Robert B. McIntyre and TJ Callahan go the show was gutted, it just sounded lost.

We have managed to live in Houston for nearly the entire run of the formerly current team, and have to confess we never listened. But even if it's just for the name, a little piece of Houston radio history is gone.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.