RIP Steve Sabol, NFL Films President Who Gave Us Super Slow Mo

Steve Sabol, NFL Films' president and a huge part of the weekly life of every NFL fan in America, succumbed to brain cancer earlier today. He was 69.

NFL Films was the brainchild of his father, Ed Sabol, who in 1962 made every football play, every defeat, win and tackle into juicy cinematic popcorn fodder. Coupled with John Facenda -- "The Voice of God" -- they would romanticize the burgeoning sport for millions.

As you will hear this week in every obit to Sabol, it was he that gave us super slow-motion action, wireless microphones on players -- that gave us things like Texans running back Arian Foster's "I Don't Know You Bro" line -- and of course dramatic music that gave even the most boring drives and touchdowns all the drama of a war epic.

He could make any game -- even one between two non-contenders -- worth watching.

In 2007, the Pro Football Hall of Fame gave him the Dan Reeves Pioneer Award for all his work in football, which revolutionized the way the world would see the game. American football probably wouldn't be as popular as it is overseas without the brain of Sabol at NFL Films.

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