R.I.P., The Sons Of Hermann Hall In The Heights

Anyone who's driven up Heights Boulevard has noticed the Sons of Hermann hall, if only for the sign.

And they wonder who the hell was Hermann, and why do his sons need such a big place?

But no more. The building is on the list of places to be demolished, Swamplot reports (another Heights-ish site on the list: The Young & Restless shop on Ella), and the deed might have already gone down.

No more jokes about Herman Munster.

In honor of its departure, let's clear up the mystery.

The Sons of Hermann "was the largest fraternal insurance benefit society headquartered in Texas," according to the Handbook of Texas. It was a mostly German-centric lodge, like the Elks or the Benevolent Moose (or whatever it is Ralph Kramden belonged to).

In some parts of the state, Sons of Hermann halls are well-loved performing places. The Houston location held some events in the not-too-distant past, but we admit we haven't kept up with things.

From the looks of things in the Heights Blog, the Houston hall is not exactly living up to whatever past glory it had. Still, sad to see it go, if only for the oddity of it all.

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