Ripley's Download the Weird: Houston Strange Well Represented

The newest edition of Download the Weird, the new book from Ripley's Believe It or Not! does not overlook Houston. Of course.

Included in this "annual collection of bizarre, fun and totally true stories from around the world," is the subject of our own cover story Natalie Irish, the artist who paints portraits of Marilyn Monroe and other famous people by applying lipstick and then pressing her lips to canvas. You'll find her story entitled "Lip Service" on page 198.

But there's more.

In another story we wrote about on Hair Balls, a driver making a sudden left turn ended up in fresh cement. Not a great idea for a $70,000 Lexus.

And more from Ripley's:

Born Twice - p. 106 - Doctors in Texas performed prenatal surgery at 25 weeks to remove a grapefruit-sized tumor from Macie McCartney while she was still inside her mother's womb. The procedure involved pulling out mother Keri's uterus and then half of Macie's body. Once free of the tumor, Macie was returned to the womb, where she recovered and grew for another ten weeks before being "born" again.

Married on the Run - p. 23 - A couple from Houston, Texas, got married during the 2011 city marathon. David Upton and Molly Johnston started the race as boyfriend and girlfriend but crossed the finish line as husband and wife after pausing briefly at the 16-mi (26-km) mark to exchange their marriage vows in front of friends. The bride complemented her running cap with a small white veil.

For information on Download the Weird visit www.ripleybooks.com/newsroom.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.