River Oaks Shopping Center Loses Another Icon: Allrecords Moves Out

Another piece of the River Oaks Shopping Center has moved out: Allrecords, which for the past 30 years had been there offering a fine, eclectic selection of rock, jazz and Broadway, has moved out.

Owner Fred Allred tells Hair Balls the neighboring Luke's Locker wanted to expand, and Weingarten Realty asked him to move to other locations in the center. That didn't work out, so now he's at 3211 Edloe, south of the intersection of Edloe and West Alabama.

"I like it," he says, "although it's not as easy to find as a shopping center on West Gray and it's not a place you've been for 30 years."

His new location opened Saturday, with the longtime customers who have regularly gone to the store to find records no one else stocks.

So, did he find anything interesting when packing 30 years' of stuff for the move?

"Oh gosh, I found two Led Zeppelin vinyl boxed sets, still sealed," he says.

Also boxes of stuff from Blue Note and Prestige and other labels that he'd forgotten he had.

Since his opening in the shopping center in October 1980, he says, only three businesses have remained: The (endangered) River Oaks Theatre, Marfreless and the Texas Gallery.

In fact, he said, when he opened the center contained four full-service gas stations, including one where La Griglia stands today.

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Richard Connelly
Contact: Richard Connelly