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Rob Gronkowski and His Brothers Set to Appear on "Family Feud"

I'm a huge fan of game shows, but I do realize that different game shows require different levels of intelligence and self-awareness. Not all game shows are created equally, and not everyone has the chops to participate on all shows.

At the very bottom end of the intellectual game-show scale sits The Price Is Right, where you can look to the crowd to help you cheat and the answers are largely arrived at by guessing (and not even really educated guessing). At the top end of the spectrum, you have Jeopardy!, where a college degree is the cover charge and the ability to have retained reams of useless trivia is the ticket to untold riches.

And then there's the Family Feud, hosted by Steve Harvey, nestled snugly in between Carey and Trebek, right there in the meaty part of the intelligence curve. Not getting too far ahead, not falling too far behind, requiring just enough "game show IQ" to be above pure guessing but nowhere near enough to where you need to recite portions of the Periodic Table of Elements.

And bonus — it's structured perfectly for celebrity participation, as we've seen many times through the years.

Am I right?

Ya know?

So if you could pick one sports celebrity and his family members to try their hand on Family Feud, a game show that requires enough intellect to make them look foolish but is dumbed down just enough for them to steal a win, who would it be? Of course, it would be New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, his meathead brothers and their old man (the High Chief of all Meatheads).

Amazingly, friends, the game show gods are smiling on us!

According to Rob Gronkowski's brother Chris, it was revealed in an interview he was doing on a Boston radio show Tuesday that the family's four oldest brothers and their father would be filming an episode of Family Feud this weekend. Gronkowski, appearing on 98.5 The Sports Hub, did not reveal whom Team Gronk would be facing off against nor did he say if there were any topics that would be off-limits. (NOTE: Nor did anybody answer the question "Why the hell is a radio station interviewing Rob Gronkowski's brother??")

Regardless of the answers to any of those questions, I think we can all agree that this is a fortunate development for the entire game-show-watching society. I could see this thing unraveling horrifically, or if the questions are skewed just right, I could see the Gronks stealing a win. I mean, what if the questions lay out like this?

Top five answers on the board, here's the question — name something you spray on your body before dancing shirtless...

Top four answers on the board, here's the question — name a table game in a casino...

Top one answer on the board, here's the question — name a quarterback who's won a Super Bowl in the past 12 months….

Top three answers on the board, here's the question — name a letter in the name "Rob"…

Honestly, if the Gronkowskis make it to the bonus round and the questions are of a normal variety and difficulty level, what's the over/under on their total score? 80? 75? 50? Hell, Steve Harvey's reactions to the Gronkowski responses alone will be enough for me to record this and attach "Save Until A Nuclear War" status on my DVR.

So to the game-show gods, I say, "Thank you!" and to Team Gronk I say, "Let's play the Feud!"

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