Rob My Purse? Sure. Just Let Me Get My Cigarettes First

A classic radio skit by Jack Benny (look him up, young'uns) had his miserly character being confronted by a robber.

"Your money or your life," says the robber.

Loooong pause. (Benny was the master of comic timing.)

"Well?" says the robber.

"I'm THINKING!!" says Benny.

A similar scenario played out in a League City apartment complex a little after midnight today.

A robber confronted a woman in the parking lot, reports the Galveston County Daily News, and demanded her purse.

She began to hand it over, but first removed the most important item in it, to her: Her cigs.

Alas, it didn't work, according to a League City PD spokesman.

"She takes the cigarettes out, puts them between her legs and gives him the purse. He says, 'Give me the cigarettes, too.'"


The thief escaped. League City police mentioned that when someone is pointing a gun at you, it's probably not a good idea to reach into your purse for something.

Unless you really, really need your cigarettes.

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