Robb Walsh: The Hunter Will Become The Hunted

Max Bialystock, as portrayed in the show-biz documentary The Producers, had only two rules for doing his job:

1. Never put your own money in the show.


Robb Walsh, the cuddly, lovable former Houston Press food critic, is not taking this advice. Walsh, as first reported by My Table, is teaming with Bryan Caswell and Bill Floyd of Reef to open a Tex-Mex restaurant in Montrose's old Tower Theater.

Walsh confirms the news on his website, but says he can't go into details.

I haven't got much to add to the My Table report - we are talking about a restaurant that is scheduled to open 7 months from now! But I promise to write a whole lot about it when there is something interesting to share!

So maybe he's just lending his name and Irish charm, instead of hard-earned money. Either way, we wish him the best.

Here's the take of our food blog on the situation, which examines a dichotomy heretofore unknown to non-foodies like us: Press readers love Walsh, hate Caswell.

"[T]his partnership is -- as far as our commenters are concerned -- is a little like Rosemary Woodhouse getting knocked up by the Satanic cult that lived next door to her in the Bramford," Katharine Shilcutt writes.

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