Robert Claude Powell: A Man, a Barstool and a Plan Gone Awry

Robert Claude Powell of Alvin is a dude who's serious about renting movies -- he won't let anything get in his way, including pesky doors, apparently, because he was arrested after allegedly throwing a barstool through the glass doors of Allstate Video Monday.

According to The Police News, Powell just happened to find the barstool outside the business. It seems that, at that point, fate took over. Powell made things worse by grabbing the gun belt of a responding officer and then pulling the same move while being booked into the jail.

That's when they busted out the pepper spray.

"Police say the man was apparently high on something," according to the story, although maybe Powell was just really in the mood to plop down on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and Sophie's Choice.We don't want to rush to judgment. (We will say, however, that Powell seriously needs to look into Netflix once he gets out.)

He was charged with robbery and assaulting a police officer. We just hope that the city of Alvin will do something to rid the streets of errant barstools before there's a real crime wave.

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