Roberts Elementary Teacher, Nabbed In Drug Sweep, May Get Fast-Track Reinstatement

Big props to the Chronicle's Ericka Mellon for, again, live-blogging a lengthy and often-tedious HISd board meeting. Since the district can't seem to wrap its arms around 20th-Century technology to broadcast these things, it's really an invaluable service.

And from it we learned that board president Lawrence Marshall fought and won to get an item on the upcoming agenda reinstating popular Roberts Elementary art teacher Mindy Herrick, who was (almost certainly) wrongly caught up in the district's drug-dog sweeps. (We've got a message in to HISD to confirm.)

The board had some disagreements as to whether to single Herrick out or adopt a broader policy dealing with teachers arrested in the sweeps, but Mellon reported Marshall pretty much put his foot down.

"I'm not dialoguing this one any more," he told board members. "You did it. You voted for me [to be board president]."

Marshall said he would seek similar fast-track reinstatements for other teachers if there is widespread support from the relevant school.

"I will fast-track them as they come to my attention. This one (Herrick) has come to my attention," he said.

HISD superintendent Abe Saavedra seemed to want to slow things down a bit, referring to another case and making the astute observation that "two ounces of marijuana is a lot of marijuana."

Depends on the party, dude.

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