Robin Lynn Bell: Drags Toddler Through Traffic, Drives Off With Kid Dangling Out Window (Allegedly)

Apparently Robin Lynn Bell is not handling the break-up with her baby's father very well. The 24-year-old northside woman, whom court records list as packing over 300 pounds on her 5' 3" frame, has been charged with apparently related crimes three times this year, most recently on Easter Sunday.

According to testimony in magistrate's court, Harris County Sheriffs were dispatched to an ongoing domestic dispute yesterday. The complaining witness told police he was blocked by Bell's car. When Bell left, she snatched their two-year-old child and forcibly dragged the screaming toddler through traffic to her car.

Police arrived soon thereafter and were able to pick up Bell's trail. They allegedly saw the unrestrained toddler dangling out of the window of the moving car.

At her initial court appearance, the magistrate asked if the endangerment arose when Bell dragged the kid through traffic or when she allowed the kid to hang out of the window of a moving car. "Both," was more or less the reply from the prosecution.

This felony child endangerment bust was Bell's second arrest of the long weekend. On Thursday, Bell was charged with the misdemeanor of sending a harassing communication, after she and an accomplice allegedly tormented a woman with repeated threatening phone calls. Back in January, Bell pleaded nolo contendere to assaulting the same woman; in that case, she was sentenced to 20 days in the county jail.

Which is where she is now. Bail is set at $2,000 on the child endangerment charge and $1,000 on the harassment charge.

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John Nova Lomax
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