Robin Scott: Runs Over Cops' Foot, Kicks & Screams In Backseat -- Oh, And Pees Back There, Too, Allegedly

Some arrests are easier than others.

But when an arrest begins with an alleged road-raging woman driving over a cops' foot -- and things only go downhill from there -- you know you've entered pain-in-the-ass territory, at least from the viewpoint of law-enforcement officials.

Such was the case with the recent jailing of one Montgomery County woman, Robin Alyse Scott, 21, if what the police blotter Montgomery County Police Reporter says is true.

Things began to unravel Tuesday night in the rural part of MoCo, when a woman with kids in her car said she noted another driver tailgating her, blowing her horn, and finally hitting her rear. (It's the kind of thing you do take note of, after all.)

Things escalated, the two cars separated but then hooked up again down the road.

By this time an off-duty Harris County Sheriff's deputy was watching. He approached the tailgating vehicle - driven by Scott -- and, according to reports, for his troubles got his foot run over.

More hilarity ensued, with Scott getting away on foot, then grabbing a friend's car, then being caught trying to drive away in that car.

She was arrested and then....let's let the Reporter break it down:

As Scott failed her [field-sobriety] test and was handcuffed she began to fight deputies taking at least four of them to place her in the back seat as she kicked screamed and cussed them out...

As deputies were completing witness statements, Scott started kicking and screaming again and then almost as if she was taunting deputies urinated in the back of the patrol car close enough to the closed door in that they knew what had happened.

Was it the self-satisfied "aahhhh" that gave her away? We don't know. All we do know is that we bet there is nothing like a taunting pee to set things right on a bad day.

Scott faces charges of assaulting a peace officer, DWI and criminal mischief.

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