Not Brad Lidge.


So, up two runs going into the 9th inning, Phil Garner decided to let Brad Lidge pitch.

(Hold it, there's someone whispering in my ear.)

What do you mean that wasn't Brad Lidge? (More whispering.) That was Dan Wheeler? Damn.

So, up two runs going into the bottom of the 9th inning, Phil Garner decided to let Dan Wheeler pitch. Guess what?

The Astros lost a second game to the Rockies, the final score being 7-6.

The loss drops the Astros to 11 games under .500 with a record of 24-35.

So, any good news? Yep. Hunter Pence got two hits. Again. Though he did strand three runners. And Berkman got another home run. Is it possible that he's finally coming out of that season-long slump? That's too soon to tell. Especially with a suspension still to be handed down. And here's the really scary thing: Brad Ausmus and Adam Everett each got two hits.

The Astros head off to Chicago and New Comiskey for three games with the slumping Chcago White Sox. The White Sox haven't been hitting that much. But the White Sox have some really good hitting. And the White Sox are battling to stay around .500 while playing in the best division in baseball. So, let's not put too much hope into the Astros pulling out a series sweep.

And, for the second week in a row, the Astros are going to be nationally broadcast on Fox this Saturday afternoon. Wow, now that's some good publicity for Major League Baseball. I'm surprised Fox didn't make a request to move the Yankees game against the Pirates up to the national game so that the country could watch Roger Clemens and his groin.

Chris Sampson gets the start for the Astros tonight. On Saturday, Jason Jennings goes up against Jon Garland, and if the name Jon Garland sounds familiar, well, that's probably because Garland's the guy the Astros tried to get before settling on Jennings.

I'll talk to you folks next week. Have a good weekend. -- John Royal

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