Rockets Go Retro In Order To Get More Money Out Of Your Pocket

Do people really think back fondly on any shirts where the color scheme is actually described as "ketchup and mustard"? In Houston, yes. Apparently.

The Rockets have introduced an alternative jersey for this year. "Alternative jerseys" are those worn only occasionally, just enough to merit them being sold at remarkably high prices at souvenir shops.

The new jersey is a nod to those yellow-and-red garish things the Rockets used to wear. Yes, it was while they were winning, and therefore nice thoughts are attached to them, but still. Yellow and red. It looks like a uniform for a team that gets orange slices at halftime. Or a soccer team, whichever is worse.

The new design, we are told, took more than a year to reach fruition.

"Everybody still talks about the championship years and you see fans wearing the retro jerseys, so why not bring that back -- why not use the ketchup and mustard colors?" said Rockets creative-servoces director Jose Lopez. "So that's what I went with. I started designing the jersey with 'Houston' on the front because I know how important it is to represent the city. We wanted to make sure everyone knows just how proud we are to call this city home."

Still, a year? The Rockets don't put that much time and effort into their draft picks.

And yes, maybe they should.

The jerseys are not yet available online at the team's store, but rest assured they will be. Their first on-court appearance will be November 6.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.