Rockets' Power Dancer Tryouts, Featuring A NASA Engineer

The Rockets Power Dancer final auditions were in full swing Tuesday night: oh the glamour, the perfectly-sculpted legs ... the NASA engineer adjusting her hot shorts?


"I'm an engineer at NASA, so when I'm not dancing I work with some of the best and brightest in Houston," Summer Williams told Hair Balls. Williams has legs that Bridget Jones would kill for, but she has an even longer title: Sustaining Engineering Lab Manager in the Avionic Systems Division.

At NASA -- which just puts the rest of us saying we don't have time, or we are too drained by the daily grind to work out, to sh-sh-shame, people.

The women endured several weeks of grueling physical preparation -- you try landing that step perfectly every time and then covering up the bruises that come with perfection. They devoted all their available time to achieving that winning combination of form, technique and, of course, sequined hot shorts and bedazzled bras.

The judges selected eighteen of the thirty women that tried out for the honor of cheering the Rockets this season.

Geneva Gordon was one of those selected and she was bubbly as she told us that this will be her third season with the Power Dancers. The artist is also celebrating her sculpture show currently at the Lawndale Art Center.

This season's Rockets fans will also have the chance to appreciate the athleticism of Rachel Snow and Yvette Nguyen, who although new to the Power Dancers, have plenty of experience cheering for teams.

Nguyen, a recent Marketing graduate from UT-Arlington, used to dance and skate for the Dallas Stars, and Snow spent two seasons with the Texans.

True, they'll have to get used to winning more often now.

The best part for all the ladies whether they made the team or not?

A break from the endless stretching. 

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