Rockets Power Dominatrixes? Dance Squad's Calendar Promo Photo Suggests a Skintight, Air-Brushed 2014

NBA dance teams have always been more provocative than their counterpart cheerleaders in the NFL. This is partly because they are, after all, dancers, and their moves on the floor tend to go beyond just shaking their pom poms...ahem.

Still, there have been times when even I was tempted to cover the eyes of small children sitting near me when the RPD (Rockets Power Dancers) pulled out the Catholic school girl uniforms or the Daisy Dukes. I didn't close my eyes, obviously, because I'm a reporter and I have to inform the public on such things you see.

This week, the Rockets released a promo photo for the Power Dancers 2014 seen to the right and it's, well, interesting.

Beyond the fact that the dancer in it looks like a combination of a dominatrix and a character from Underworld, there is the extreme air brushing that we assume is designed to increase her comic book heroine power tenfold along with the intensity of her cleavage.

This year's cover girl is Casey, a rookie to the team. One thing is for certain when looking at this photo: Casey is ready to fight the forces of evil (i.e. vampires) or dole out punishment to someone who has been very naughty.

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