At least this guy keeps hitting...

Rockie Road

I’d like to say that the Astros have gone a winning streak. That the Astros are gaining on the Brewers. I’d be lying.

The Astros lost last night. Again. The final score against the Rockies last night was 8-7.

I’m beginning to think that it’s time to give up on the experiment of having Woody Williams in the starting rotation. But I’m just not sure who the team’s got to replace him. The top minor league prospect is Troy Patton, but he’s still sitting down there in AA Corpus. The team’s not moving him up the big club until he’s done a stint at AAA Round Rock. Besides that, I don’t know.

Hunter Pence got another couple of hits last night. Morgan Ensberg hit a homer. Lance Berkman, waiting for his automatic suspension to be handed, did not get kicked out of the game, but Woody Williams got ejected for “hitting” Matt Holiday. At least the umpire said he was hit, but it appears that Williams might have just missed him. However, there was no reason for Williams to be throwing behind Holliday.

I should say more. But I don’t know what. The Astros are still in fifth place, still just barely ahead of the Cincinnati Reds.

Roy Oswalt takes the mound today, in a day game, to close out the trip to Denver. The Astros will be moving onto Chicago to face the White Sox and Cubs this weekend. – John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.