Rockport Meth Trailer Yields Strong Ice; Pit Bull Killed in Raid

A pit bull is dead and three people have been arrested after a police raid on a Rockport meth house.

According to KIII-TV, police found more than $1,000 and eight grams of high-grade ice hidden in an Altoids can and a pill bottle inside the trailer home.

Elizabeth Martinez, 44, Sean Lee Harrison, 41, and 26-year old Shawna Gail Marshall were all charged with possession of meth. Police later found more of the stuff tucked inside Marshall's bra during her booking process, so she faces an additional felony charge of taking a prohibited substance into a correctional facility.

Rockport police commander Mark Cory said that the dog was chained on the front porch in such a manner to hinder their raid. He said his officers had no choice but to shoot the dog after it "became aggressive" towards them.

According to public records, Harrison's rap sheet includes multiple arrests in the Fort Worth area on charges including burglary, theft and drug offenses. Marshall is currently on parole for a 2010 drug conviction and once was dragged from hiding in Maryland back to Florida where she faced jail time.

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