Rod Paige, Late Of HISD & The W Administration, Thinks The State Board Of Ed Has Gone Off The Deep End

Former Houston school superintendent Rod Paige has emerged from his lucrative consulting and speaking career to criticize the right-wingers trying to politicize the state's curriculum.

Several sites have been liveblogging or otherwise updating today's meeting of the State Board of Education in Austin, and all highlight Paige's appearance.

"We in Texas have allowed ideology to drive and define the standards of our ... curriculum and it has swung from liberal to conservative depending upon the members of the State Board," Paige told the board. "It's unreasonable to expect you to make decisions without some reference to your ideology, but we've swung too far from one way to the next, and I'm asking you to narrow the swing."

Paige urged the board to delay this week's vote on new curriculum standards, which have caused nationwide controversy with the mandates to promote the right-wing agenda while criticizing civil rights leaders and removing Thomas Jefferson from a discussion of Enlightenment thinkers.

"Wow, this is kind of a shocker," the Dallas Morning News said of Paige's remarks.

The SBOE will be meeting the rest of the week; a vote on the new standards is expected, despite Paige's advice.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.