Rodeo: Soft-Spoken Guy On A Good-Luck Streak

Cody Blanscet of Henrietta, TX sure knows how to scramble for the big win.  

Last year, he was the first to rope a calf and the second to drag it into the center of the ring at the Houston rodeo. This year, the Angus beauty he bought with the prize money placed first in the Scramble Heifer Show.

Blanscet told Hair Balls a good wash and blow dry and a good showing helped his heifer Doe earn the top spot. He said, "I feel pretty happy. I couldn't have done it without my Ag (agriculture) teacher, Tony Dunkerley."

He also got a little help from Sen. Mario Gallegos and the Scramble Office, which requires of him a monthly report including expenses, pictures and updates. He also corresponds with the senator's office and received a visit from one of his reps at his last showing.  

This is only Blanscet's second year competing, but he's proving to be quite the contender. Doe placed 3rd in Fort Worth, which isn't too shabby in these parts.  

Blanscet would like to carry on the family farming tradition and start his own Angus breed someday.

"I will probably use her (Doe) to make my own register to help other young people," he said.  "She's a good heifer...really gentle and calm...laidback."  

Kinda like her owner, a soft spoken kid with a brand new buckle and a first place ribbon.  

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