Rodney Wayne Hicks: Nursing Prof Sues Over His Sex-With-Minors Chats

A nursing professor has sued the Texas Board of Nursing for disciplining him after it stumbled onto an online chat where he talked of his "fantasies of sexual contact with minors."

Rodney Wayne Hicks's lawsuit, reported by Courthouse New Service, says no evidence of pedophilia was presented in his case, which resulted in a sanction and orders to undergo remedial education.

Hicks had been giving an online course on software when he accidentally left a program on that recorded his activities for the next six hours.

And the activities? Let's let the Fort Worth Star-Telegram sum them up:

According to the documents, Hicks entered a chat room using the screen name "Waynerod" and engaged in graphic online chats with other people such as "Classnote," "Swiss Sam," and "Nudeone8." He repeatedly asked one participant about sexual interactions with his son. Waynerod asked whether Nudeone8's son had seen him "perform" and how often his son sees him masturbate. Waynerod also asked Nudeone8 whether his son had sexual relations with either of his parents. The men exchanged stories about their encounter with young men. Waynerod told Nudeone8 that he went to Acapulco with a man and a 14-year-old boy followed and that they engaged in sex acts.

Waynerod also wrote that it would arouse him to hold his son while he masturbated. Hicks does not have a son.

Hicks's suit, filed in Austin, says nursing-board rules say he must have been practicing in his professional role during any alleged misconduct in order to be subject to the board's discipline.

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