Rogelio Martinez: Police Seeking Allegedly Unrepentant Habitual Burglar

Martinez Rogelio(2).JPG
Photo by HPD
Rogelio Martinez: Not bashful about his work.
In recent months the near-northwest neighborhoods of the Heights, Timbergrove Manor, Oak Forest and Garden Oaks have been plagued with daylight home burglaries. Sadly, even after police have smashed one such ring of thieves, another continues unabated.

On Halloween, Houston police arrested 25-year-old Rogelio Martinez Jr. On that day, Martinez had the bad luck to attempt jacking a house next door to one in which Ralph Riley, an off-duty sheriff's deputy, was enjoying a day off. Riley caught Martinez trying to leave his neighbor's house red-handed with a truck full of electronics, booze and other stuff from his earlier heists, pulled a gun on him and ordered him to lie on the ground.

A neighbor called 911, and Martinez was taken to jail and charged with burglary of a habitation. Before he was hauled off, Martinez gave Riley the distinct impression that he did not give a damn. He reportedly told Riley that he would get right back to kicking in doors and stealing stuff as soon as he bonded out.

Harris County authorities think Martinez has made good on his word.

After all, he apparently does little else with his time. It later came to light that earlier on Halloween, Martinez was seen loading a gold Tahoe with some flat-screen TVs from another home in the Timbergrove area.

A witness later picked the heavy-set Martinez out of a photo array, and it's not that hard, because he has three distinct tattoos on his neck and head: an old-school Houston Oilers derrick on his throat, a Highway 290 sign on one side of his clean-shaven dome and a modern Houston Rockets logo on the other. He also occasionally wears horn-rimmed glasses, and packs 290 pounds on his 6-1 frame.

A warrant is out for his arrest in the second case, and we imagine he's not checking in with his bondsman and/or pretrial services too often in relation to the first case.

Multiple neighborhood alerts have gone out since Halloween, and someone fitting Martinez's description has been spotted skulking around the neighborhood several times since then.

Houston police say to be on the lookout for Martinez and several suspect vehicles:

1. A gold four-door Ford F-150 pickup with chrome step bars and minor tailgate damage

2. A gold or tan Buick sedan.

3. A mid-1990s powder blue Toyota Camry

Police say that if you see Martinez to call 911 and not to try to approach or apprehend him yourself.

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