And don't get us started on his slider.

Roger Clemens and Clay Aiken Are Both Totally Overrated

You know, one of the things that I enjoy about this blog thingy is responding to my many fans. So, today I'd like to take some of my valuable time to answer them. And, since this is supposed to be a sports blog, I'll start with responding to Mike, who claims that

Clemens isn't overrated

, mainly because the smart kids have placed him in that all-time starting rotation of great pitchers.

To which I respond: if Roger Clemens is so damn great, how come Joe Torre constantly juggled his playoff rotation so that Roger Clemens wasn't pitching an important game?

Am I the only one who remembers the Rocket's mysterious finger injury in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series? That mysterious injury that caused the manager to remove him from one of the most important games in Boston Red Sox history? And certainly, I'm not the only one who remembers Clemens's explosion in the 1990 playoffs. Don't forget the infamous bat tossing incident in the 2000 World Series. Or the hamstring injury that magically appeared after the White Sox destroyed Clemens in the first game of the 2005 World Series . (Make sure to scroll down because Keith Olbermann lays out the case against Rocket better than I).

If I'm naming an "All-Time Rotation," Clemens isn't in my top ten. I can think of five so-called "contemporaries" who I'd take in my All-Time Rotation. And I want more than the ability to win games for good teams. I want the ability to win games in the clutch, when they matter. So, here you go, my rotation of "contemporaries": Tom Seaver, Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax, John Smoltz and Jim Palmer. I'd also like to have Steve Carlton, Don Drysdale and Jack Morris — who should be in the Hall of Fame.

And that, folks, is why baseball is such a great game. You can always discuss baseball, and you are almost never wrong. Except in this case. If a guy can't pitch the big game, he's overrated.

Now, for something non-sports related. You Clay Aiken fans. I'm happy that you like the guy. But I don't have to attend a concert to know that he's not a musical genius. I never attended a Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin concert. But I know that they're musical greats. I never got the chance to see the Beatles in concert. But that's probably the greatest band of rock history. Now, I did see Clay perform on American Idol, and I wasn't impressed. And I saw him perform on Ed and Scrubs, and I still wasn't impressed.

As for the comment about big-name musicians paying others to adapt their songs for orchestras, that just might be true. But it should be noted that Elvis Costello has actually written a symphony, so it's doubtful that a man who can write his own orchestral works would have to pay someone to adapt his work.

And, you know what, that's what is so great music. You can always discuss music, and you're almost never wrong. Except in this case. To compare Clay Aiken to Elvis Costello insults not just Elvis Costello, but also Elvis Presley and Elvis Grbak .

Thanks for reading. And tune in for the next edition of answering the mail. -- John Royal

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