Roger Clemens: Ex-Red Sox GM Jumps On The Steroids Bandwagon

I'll admit that I've taken my share of potshots at Roger Clemens. I've tried to rely on matters that have been part of some record, or have some evidence for support, like The Mitchell Report, Clemens' public statements, and things said to Congressional investigators.  

I believe Brian McNamee. The guy risks going to jail if he's lying, and I think that's a good reason to give credence to his statements about Clemens use of steroids and HGH. I believe Andy Pettitte -- even Clemens says Pettitte is one of the most trustworthy guys he knows. Clemens' case hasn't been helped by his constantly changing story, by his reliance on Jose Canseco as his star witness, or by his tampering with a witness before she gave testimony to Congressional investigators.

It also didn't help his case, in my opinion, that he outed his wife as a user of HGH. HGH which was supplied to her by Brian McNamee. And he claimed to not know about it.  

Suffice to say, I'm not very sympathetic to Roger Clemens. That said...Dan Duquette attempted to make himself relevant last week by voicing his opinion on the Clemens matter.

For those of you who don't remember, Duquette was the general manager of the Boston Red Sox who let Clemens escape to the Toronto Blue Jays because he thought Clemens was washed up -- he was kind of the Ed Wade of the 1990s. And he thinks there is more still to come out about Clemens.

"I'll just say this..." Duquette said on the "Sports Buzz" last week. "Let's let it play out a little bit more, I think there is more information and evidence that will show that Roger used performance enhancing drugs in a significant way."

Duquette offers up no evidence to back his allegations. As far as it's known, Duquette didn't speak to George Mitchell or his investigators. There's nothing to show that Duquette has spoken to the feds, or offered up anything that can use used against Clemens. It just appears to be nothing more than Duquette shooting off his mouth, trying to once again become relevant in the baseball world.

Clemens has made plenty of mistakes. Dating a seemingly underage Mindy McCready -- there's conflicting evidence as to her age when they met -- is a huge one. Not hiring Mike DeGeurin or Dick DeGuerin, not only two of the best known criminal defense lawyers in the city, but two attorneys who are nationally acknowledged as being among the best criminal defense laywers in the country, is another. Outing his wife before Congress. Teaming up with Brian McNamee. Going on national TV and talking about downing Vioxx like it was M&Ms.

Just about every move Clemens has made since the release of The Mitchell Report has been the wrong move. Yet nothing that Clemens has done deserves an attack from Duquette.  

If Duquette has something to say, if he's got something solid, then he should just say it. I'm sure the feds would love to have some more solid evidence. Or that that grand jury investigating Clemens for perjury would love to have Mr. Duquette sit down in front of them and answer a few of their questions.  

Otherwise, Duquette is still coming off as a childish loser who got burned by Clemens going to Toronto and discovering the benefits of chemical enhancement. It's doubtful Duquette would be speaking up if Clemens had juiced up in Boston, because then Clemens and the Sox might have been relevant, and Duquette wouldn't have had to take the fall when Clemens enjoyed that career rebirth.

So I'm taking the Rocket's side this time out. I think Dan Duquette is full of it, and that he's just trying to get a little revenge. Roger Clemens has plenty of things to fear, and I'm sure an indictment against Clemens is imminent, but it won't because of anything Dan Duquette said or knows.

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John Royal is a native Houstonian who graduated from the University of Houston and South Texas College of Law. In his day job he is a complex litigation attorney. In his night job he writes about Houston sports for the Houston Press.
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