Roger Clemens Named in Steroid Report?

ESPN The Magazine



that former Red Sox, Blue Jay, Yankee and Astro star Roger Clemens will be featured prominently in today's Mitchell Report. He reportedly received steroids from a trainer with the New York Yankees, as well as from other suppliers.

There's been a lot of general interest in the report, but no one was sure if Mitchell would really name names. Now one of the preeminent pitchers in baseball history has supposedly been named in this report.

But what does the report actually say? Is Clemens really in there? Is Andy Pettitte in there? Will people still think it's a whitewash? Will there be any Red Sox named? And, if Clemens is named, I will have been wrong on my guess earlier today, but I did ask the questions earlier in the year. And it will be interesting to see how certain apologists for Clemens spin the news.

Tune in later today to find out. As Fox Mulder would've said, The truth is out there. -- John Royal

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