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Roger Clemens: Not Guilty On All Counts

A federal jury has exonerated pitching legend Roger Clemens on all six perjury charges, ending an incredibly long saga.

Clemens was charged with perjury for statements he made to a Congressional panel indicating he never, ever, ever used any performance-enhancing drugs, a statement believed only by the finalists in the Roger Clemens Ultimate Fan contest.

His fitness guru, Brian McNamee, claimed Clemens had taken injections dozens of times, and ex-teammate Andy Petitte testified Clemens told him he had taken some PEDs to recover from an injury. A four-year investigation followed Clemens' congressional testimony because, apparently, the feds don't have anything more pressing on their plate.

McNamee has a past that was exploited by defense attorney Rusty Hardin, and Petitte admitted on cross-examination he might have misunderstood what Clemens had told him.

Clemens' entire family joined him in the courtroom to hear the verdict.

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