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Roger Clemens, Steroids, Congress, Fox News, Republicans and Boob Jobs

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Okay kids, here’s the thing. I’m suffering from a bit of Clemens/McNamee burnout at the moment. That’s what comes from spending last night reading through the depositions of some of the parties interviewed by the Congressional investigators.

(What’s that you say? Last night was Valentine’s Day? What’s that? What, I was supposed to give my girlfriend flowers and candy? What’s a girlfriend?)

I really don’t want to bore you folks too much. Not as much as I bored myself. Andy Pettitte pretty much killed Rocket in his deposition. Even more than he killed Rocket in his affidavit. And if you needed further proof of Rocket’s being a prick, just read that deposition. And the Rocket nanny didn’t recall a party at the Canseco household. But she recalls being there on the date in question and that Rocket did, indeed, show up.

There was also some mention, in McNamee’s deposition, of another reason why he so remembered that get-together at Canseco’s casa. It seems that Mrs. Rocket and the former Mrs. Canseco (with Rocket and Jose present) were comparing boob jobs at one point while the nanny was out chasing the Rocket brats around the swimming pool.

McNamee’s attorneys are also convinced that Dubya will be granting Rocket a pardon, so it really doesn’t matter what happens because the fix is in already – thus explaining Wednesday’s partisan divide.

And before you start thinking the McNamee’s attorney are going in for some crazy conspiracy theory, take a look at what Mark Souder, one of the Republican panel members, told the New York Times: “I don’t think, quite frankly, that [the Democrats on the panel] anticipated quite the solid wall on the Republican side, the defense of Clemens.” As to Rocket, Souder added: “It wasn’t an accident that word got to me that he’s a Republican, or he said that President Bush called him.”

And as to the attacks on McNamee, anonymous Republican staff members indicated that the Republican Congressional reps were ordered to attack McNamee so as to turn this matter into a political controversy which Fox News Channel could then use to attack Democrats for wasting time, thus hopefully giving Republicans an issue to campaign on for the November elections.

For what it’s worth, Henry Waxman apologized for holding the hearings, saying it was not necessary but the Rocket and the Rocket attorneys insisted so he had no choice. Waxman stated that he and his Republican counterpart, Tom Davis, decided last Friday that the hearings were not necessary, that the depositions that had been conducted provided all of the answers that were needed, but that Rocket and crew insisted the hearings be held.

(On a side note, one would think after Wednesday’s debacle that someone in the Rocket camp would have put a muzzle on Rusty Hardin, but one would think wrong. Hardin responded to Waxman’s assertion that Waxman was “unbelievable, disingenuous and outrageous.” Once again, nice move, Rusty. Do you have any clients besides Rocket left?)

And as to my complaint yesterday that the members of Congress, who, if they’re going to hold these hearings, should actually be prepared, Waxman stated that the Tom Davis and Mark Souder were the only Republicans on the committee who actually bothered to read the depositions before going into the hearings. Gee, listening to Dan Burton and Chris Shays and Virginia Foxx, there’s just no way I would have ever guessed the Republicans weren’t prepared – besides for meeting with Rocket beforehand and getting some autographed baseballs.

Oh, and despite what you may have read yesterday, Barry Bonds did not fail a drug test for steroids in November 2001.

But that’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I’ve got to take the damn weekend off and get away from this crap. I think I’ll check in on Astros spring training. Maybe Wandy Rodriguez has learned how to pitch.

Hah. Who am I kidding? – John Royal

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