Roger Ebert's Descent Into Twitter Madness

Let it be established for the record that Roger Ebert is a gift to America.

Whether you agree with his opinions all the time or not, his movie reviews are gracious, insightful, funny and erudite. His profiles are equally terrific.

But we think the guy's going nuts. Twitter has sent him around the bend.

As you probably know, Ebert is fighting cancer and has lost the ability to speak. So it's not surprising he's taken to Twitter to communicate.

But boy, has he taken to Twitter. It's not just the sheer volume of tweets and re-tweets, although that volume is prodigious even without the usual lunch updates or "So BUSY!! Arrgh" crap that clogs up Twitter (is there anything sillier than taking time out to tweet about how busy you are? We can see through you, you know.)

No, with Ebert it's the awesome randomness of his tweet subjects that has us wondering. Surely when he could talk he wouldn't just spout off on anything that entered his head. But sometimes it seems he no longer has an un-tweeted thought.

We're worried for you, Roger. Here are five examples why, just from the last few days.

Will I ever regain the complete, total absorption I felt in science fiction novels when I was 11? 9:41 PM May 30th via Twitter for iPhone
Answer: No.

Liza Minnelli was so young in 1968. ""I wonder when I'll make a musical." 5:19 PM Jun 2nd via SocialOomph
Okay, fair enough. Maybe he couldn't get the wedding scene from Sex and the City 2 out of his head, try as he might. But yes, Liza was much younger 42 years ago.

Miss Lillian Gish bids adieu to Hitler, 1936. about 22 hours ago via Twitpic
We kinda think this tweet speaks for itself.

An actual page from a "Little Lulu" comic book. I remember it scaring the shit out of me. about 15 hours ago via Twitpic
And today there's this:

"Hi Miz Bug." - "Hi Pogo." - "How you?" - "Jes fine." - "How's Bug?" - "How you, Bug?" - "Jes fine." - "Jes fine, says Bug." about 11 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
We urge everyone to follow Ebert on Twitter, not that he needs our endorsement. Just try to go with the flow, that's all we can suggest. Just go with the flow.

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Richard Connelly
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