Roller-Blade Dancing Guy: What's His Story? (w/ VIDEO)

Check out the magnificent video below of a lone middle-aged roller-blader shaking his ass on the corner of Allen Parkway and Waugh. What's this guy's story? Wayward Urban Animal trying to relive the salad days of Houston's 1980s? Weird one-man flash mob? Viral marketing gone awry?

A few months ago we were speeding along Allen Parkway (as you do) when we happened to catch this dude doing his thing, oblivious to the world. The vision was so brief and perplexing we weren't certain that what we saw was actually what we thought we saw -- a slightly paunchy, balding badass roller disco-ing his way to happiness without a care in the world as to who was watching.

Turns out that, like Sasquatch, he does exist, and there's video to prove it. But the video is a year old, and we haven't seen him out in a few months. So, who knows this guy and can give us some background?

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