Ron Paul, Crusading Against All Pork But His

Of all the Republicans in the US House of Representatives, who do you think has the most earmarks in the omnibus spending bill? Some RINO from up north?

Nah. It's our own Ron Paul, stalwart criticizer of government spending (that's not in his district.)

Fox News is touting the story of Paul's $73 million in earmarks.

Neil Cavuto asked Paul if it wasn't a case of him having his cake and eating it too.

Shockingly, it wasn't, according to Paul:

But -- but, Neil -- Neil, you're -- you're missing the whole point. The principle of the earmark is our responsibility. We're supposed to -- it's like a -- a tax credit. And I vote for all tax credits, no matter how silly they might seem. If I can give you any of you of your money back, I vote for it. So, if I can give my district any money back, I encourage that. But, because the budget is out of control, I haven't voted for an appropriation in years -- if ever.

This all makes sense in Paul-Land, a strange and wondrous place of goofy, intense discussions of fiat money.

But basically, if there's pork out there, he's making sure he eats some. After all, he's jes' representin' the good folks of Brazoria County.

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Richard Connelly
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