Ron Paul Is Coming For You, Fort Knox

Ron Paul -- the Brazoria County congressman who would be president, if only the country would come to its 18th-century senses -- is going Goldfinger.

He says he just wants to see what actual gold the U.S. has in safekeeping at Fort Knox and and New York.

But we know how this story goes. Before you know it, Obama is spread-eagle on a lab table with a laser moving ominously towards his crotch.

Because really, why else would you make a silly grandstanding move like saying "it's a possibility" when asked "if there was truth to rumors that there was actually no gold at Ft. Knox or the New York Fed."

Oh, right -- because you're Ron Paul.

Paul told financial website Kitco (in an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW) that the fact that the feds don't want anyone snooping around their gold -- IF THEY HAVE IT -- is enough to raise eyebrows.

"If there was no question, you'd think they would be very anxious to prove to us that the gold is there," he said.

Paul said he would introduce legislation next year calling for an audit. We'd be surprised if he hasn't done it before, but maybe it's a new brainstorm.

Better start listening to the Glenn Beck show stat, Federal Reserve henchmen. We hear he has good prices on gold if you need to stock up all of a sudden.

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