Ron Paul & Stephen Colbert: Fighting for America

Ron Paul Tells Stephen Colbert About Zombies, Dangerous Milk And Putting Anything You Want In Your Mouth

Last night's

Colbert Report

shined the bright light of truthiness on the federal government taking action against some "raw foods" company that sells unpasteurized milk.

Apparently drinking unpasteurized milk is a sort of spiritual thing for some people, dangerous though it might be (the whole "pasteurization" thing taking out germs and all).

Brought in to testify on behalf of the nuts: Our own Ron Paul. The whole situation was "pasteurization without representation," he said in what passes for witty in libertarian land.

Then it turned sexual, and ominous: "If we continue along this course where the government tells us everything, what we can do, what we can put in our mouths, we will end up a zombie state."

The clip, after the jump. Paul's section begins at about the 5:40 mark.

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