Rothko Chapel: Yahoo! Says To See It Before You Die. (That Way You'll Be Depressed Enough, At Least)

We're way late to the game on this - like four or five months - but way back in early December Yahoo Travel compiled a list of ten American places to see before you die. Our excuse for even mentioning this now is that we came across the list in recently-published propaganda organ of the Greater Houston Partnership Houston: World-Classiest City in the History of this Universe and All Others, And Yet Still, Somehow, Getting World-Classier. (Or something like that.)

Andrew Harper, the writer of the Yahoo piece, admitted that his list was free of obvious choices like the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge, so take that for what you will. At any rate, ranking behind just between the Four Seasons restaurant in New York at number six and San Marino, California's Huntington Gardens is Houston's own Rothko Chapel at number seven.

The Rothko Chapel at number seven on a list of places to see before you die? We're thinking it should have been number ten. Might not the bleak ambience of Rothko's 14 black paintings cause a few travelers to follow Rothko into a suicide's grave, and thus miss out on the final three places on their bucket list?

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