Rowdy Teens Trade Punches at Rodeo Carnival

With its large crowds, fried sugary food and electric atmosphere, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo carnival is a perfect breeding ground for fistfights. But it's rare that these fights go on for so long without an adult or, you know, security, stepping in to break it up. That was the case with this fight from over the weekend, caught on video:

The setting couldn't have been more picturesque even if this were an actual organized boxing match. The crowd parted to form a perfectly circular ring while the pair threw punches with the iconic NRG Stadium sign in the backdrop, the blue-shirt guy aptly playing the role of hype man. The fight lasted for at least 45 seconds (a second video captured the rest), and it doesn't appear as though any security or police showed up to the scene before the fight concluded. 

It's been a weird rodeo so far. On the one hand, there were fluffy rabbits dressed as blackjack dealers and fun performances. On the other hand, there was a trampling, a port-a-potty stabbing and a criminal lambjacking. Who knows what else will go down in the rodeo's final week. 

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