Royce White Responds to Domestic Abuse Allegations

I probably need to go back and count to get the exact numbers, but if I had to guess on a short list of who the "King of Content" is for the calendar year 2013 (and for my purposes, the "King of Content" is a title awarded to whichever person provides me with fodder for the most posts on here all year), it would probably be:

1. Johnny Manziel (and I don't think it's even close) 2. Aaron Hernandez (although he's fading) 3. Royce White

I'm probably missing a few obvious ones, but I know that if the list went six or seven deep, White is undoubtedly on it, which is uncanny for someone who rarely leaves his home.

Anyway, White made news again (or maybe more accurately, was in the news again) when a former girlfriend named Tania Mehra accused him of hitting her a couple months ago, recanting an original story that she "fell down."

Through his lawyer today, Royce White has released the following statement:

"Royce has seen today's media reports that law enforcement in Texas is investigating claims of domestic violence by a terminated and disgruntled former employee of his charitable organization. Royce vehemently denies the allegations and is looking forward to a speedy and just resolution of these unfortunate and unfair claims. It is all too easy to make allegations, especially when directed at a person who is in the public eye. Royce hopes that the media will be equally attentive when these allegations ultimately are rejected."

Obviously, the part that jumps out in this denial of the allegations is the categorization of Mehra as a "terminated and disgruntled former employee." There's no mention of any type of intimate relationship between her and Royce White, just that she was relieved of whatever employment duties she had with his foundation and that she was not happy about that.

It still doesn't explain how she wound up with a very specific gash over her right eye, nor how that candleholder found its way through that mirror, but I suppose right now the burden of proof when it comes to those aspects of the story are on the alleged victim, especially when she had a story at the time of the incident that differs totally from her story now.

If you recall, TMZ reported yesterday: "According to law enforcement, records show someone called 911 on June 22, 2013 to report a laceration above Tania's (Mehra) right eye. Cops say at the time, Tania claimed she suffered the injury from an 'accidental fall.'"

Mehra also claims that White's alleged assault occurred after she became angered that White was making advances at her friend.

SOPRANOS SCENE METAPHOR ALERT: This happened to Christopher and Adriana back in Season 4, when Chrissy couldn't keep his hands off of her friend Danielle (who was actually an undercover FBI agent):

Chrissy and Adrianna wound up getting into a big fight over the whole thing, and Chrissy wound up belting Adrianna in the mouth, which was how about fifty percent of the scenes involving the two of them ended, if you want to know the truth.

White, of course, was the 16th overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft by the Rockets and is now no longer the Rockets problem, thank God a member of the Philadelphia 76ers. Charges have not been filed against him.

So, in the spirit of being "equally attentive," there you go...Royce White's side of the story, ladies and gentlemen!

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