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When you have an NBA roster of fifteen players, and it's playoff time where the rotation shortens up and minutes become more precious, it's still up to every player on the roster to do their part to help the team bring home a win, night in and night out.

Each guy needs to do what he does best. James Harden needs to knock down jumpers. Omer Asik needs to protect the rim and grab boards. Chandler Parsons needs to do a little nit of everything.

And I suppose, if guys are doing what they do best, it would mean that Royce White is sitting on his couch in a robe and slippers spewing delusional, detrimental tweets. (I only say that tweeting is Royce White doing what he does best because it's impossible for him to impregnate an NBA player.)

And that's exactly what White is doing.

Late last night, White took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Game 5, before, during and after the Rockets' 107-100 win in Oklahoma City.

It started out innocent enough, with a general supportive tweet for the squad, which honestly is the minimum that Royce White should be doing considering that the organization hasn't figuratively packed up his belongings and left them on the curb with a note attached saying "Royce, When you're done with whatever skank you have in the #BeWell Mobile, kindly go do the same to yourself. Be well, Red Nation."

And the occasional retweet of the only a supportive Rockets fan:

Then, once the game ended, a summary tweet is fine, I guess, even if it is a combination of Rockets praise and Thunder derision, derision from a player on the Rockets roster who was watching the game from his sofa because he was in a spat with the team all season:

Then, it got stupid, which is par for the course with Royce White, as he decided to go after Thunder star Kevin Durant, which is the global equivalent of Barbados talking shit to the United States:

Predictably, and correctly, Twitter watchdogs immediately started telling Royce White what a goddamn fucking idiot he is:

Royce White fired back by saying he's watching as a fan, which makes him the best paid fan of all-time, and encouraged fans to take a poke at him when they see him out and about:

And, of course, invoking the First Amendment had to happen at some point, right? Right.

Royce then reminds everyone that he's a human being, a human being named Royce White. His name is his name, people:

Twitter, where Royce White telling another human being they look "shaky" (or, sorry...."SHAAAKYY") happens.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.