Rudy G Comes Out in Favor of Killing Unborn Babies (In a Good Way, Of Course)

Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani was at Houston Baptist University this morning, talking tough (“A good defense is a strong offense”) and kissing babies (“I am a politician”).

The crowd was star struck – after all, this was the guy who appeared in that one Seinfeld episode about nonfat yogurt, plus he apparently did some other stuff in New York a few years back – and the auditorium was full of fawning questions, such as: How do you plan to stay strong against those evil liberals in Congress and the media?

Breath was bated for clarification of Rudy G’s position on abortion, which yesterday the New York Times promised was soon to come.

Drum roll, please…

“There are two core beliefs that I have, that I always have had,” he said. “One, I believe abortion is wrong. I think it is morally wrong. And if I were asked my advice by someone who was considering an abortion, I would tell them not to have the abortion, to have the child.”

And two: “In a country like ours, where people of good sense, people who are equally decent, equally moral and equally religious, where they come to different conclusions about this, about something so very, very personal, I believe you have to respect their viewpoints and give them a level of a choice here, because I think ultimately, even if you disagree, you have to respect the fact their conscience is a strong as yours is about this, and they’re the ones who are the most affected by it, so therefore I would grant women the right to make that choice.”

Kang would be proud. – Keith Plocek

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