Rudy Soliz, Sex-Bribed Border Patrol Officer: We Hope It Was Worth Two and a Half Years in Prison

Oh, former Customs and Border Protection agent Rudy Soliz III, we can only hope -- for your sake -- that she was unbelievable in bed.

But unless you were Matt Dillon in the middle of the Neve Campbell/Denise Richards Wild Things sandwich, we're guessing the answer is no, it wasn't worth it.

Soliz will be going to federal prison for two and a half years because he received sexual favors from a woman in return for allowing her to transport eight illegal aliens across the border. Soliz had entered a guilty plea last August and was waiting to hear what the price of pussy would be.

They didn't go easy on him.

"Soliz's sentence includes upward adjustments or increases in his calculated sentencing guideline range because he was a public official in a high level or sensitive position, received more than one bribe, was and used his position as a public official to facilitate the illegal entry into United States of a person," the U.S. Attorney's office announced.

Well, at least "he received more than one bribe." Hate to see a guy get 30 months for a single roll in the hay, or back-office blowjob, or whatever it was.

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Richard Connelly
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