Runner-Up Turkey of the Year: Michael Brown

It's a week or so away from the 2010 Turkeys of the Year issue, where we honor what is best in Turkeydom for the past year. This will be our eighth edition of the awards, and as always competition is stiff. Building up to the grand announcement of the winners, we'll take a look at some folks who -- despite their best efforts -- came close but didn't make the cut.

Category: Society Turkey Close but no cigar: Michael Brown of the Hand Center Why he could have won it: Any Houstonian who watches TV, or reads the Houston Chronicle society pages, has been exposed to Michael Brown. He's attending galas, or in ads showing him as a charming family man who lovingly bounces his baby girl while suggesting you get fixed at the Hand Center. Anyone who reads the Houston Press knows a different side, a drug-taking, wife-beating, out-of-control side.

He'd remained on TV throughout all his many scrapes with the law and ex-wives, and this year he once again didn't quite live up to that wholesome image -- he was arrested for assaulting his wife.

Why he did not get named a Turkey: We did not have a Society Turkey category this year. No other reason.

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