Rush Limbaugh Gets Pwned By CenterPoint

Rush Limbaugh is still busy preaching to the choir these days, even if his influence on anyone who isn't a hard-core Republican has withered away.

Apparently he was ranting earlier this week about smart meters, those devices that provide consumers with extra information about their energy use.

Media Matters still keeps an eye on Rush and caught his latest delusion.

And among the people they go to in order to provide the smackdown rebuttal: Our own CenterPoint Energy, which of course has been pimping the smart meters hard.

Limbaugh's astute analysis:

Some of the greatest stories, finest reporting is coming out of the UK today. And I marvel at how on point a lot of it is. Here's a piece that ran on Sunday in the UK Telegraph by James Delingpole, entitled, "There's nothing smart about rationing electricity." And this generally is about the program in Britain that we have in some places already here, called Smart Meters, which gives the government the power to wirelessly control your heat, your air conditioning, your water flow, your electricity all from the cozy central office. Think death panels in your home - the ultimate method of nagging.

"Death panels in your home": Doesn't that refer to right-wingers ruling on what types of sex are acceptable?

Media Matters went around the country getting responses from utilities that use smart meters, and CenterPoint's Leticia Lowe -- even here in a market where many still take Limbaugh's word as gospel -- dared to, you know, use facts.

She wrote:

CenterPoint Energy's electric utility is installing approximately 2.2 million electric smart meters in the greater Houston area. The Public Utility Commission of Texas strictly regulates the connection, disconnection, and reconnection of electric service; however, the government itself has neither the authority nor the capability to control consumers' heat, air conditioning or other in-home appliances, wirelessly or otherwise. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) governs electric reliability for most of the state of Texas. ERCOT can order utilities to take temporary emergency measures, such as "rolling outages", to preserve grid reliability. Such measures would affect consumers with and without electric smart meters equally.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.