Ruth Piller: Big-Firm Attorney Says Colleagues Photoshopped Her Face onto Totally Inappropriate Pics

Photoshopped images of a female attorney's face on the body of a stripper, a naked woman partially covered in sushi, and a woman in knee-high boots and leopard-print bikini are among a bevy of e-mails at the heart of an Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint against the Houston law firm Hays, McConn, Rice & Pickering.

Here's the deal: Appellate attorney Ruth Piller says she was unceremoniously fired after eight years at the firm when she didn't bill as many hours because of a painful nerve disorder called trigeminal neuralgia. Her condition, according to her complaint, was exacerbated by Photoshopped images of her disseminated largely by fellow Hays McConn attorney Staton Childers.

Childers -- who is a grown-up, by the way -- also Photoshopped other female employees' faces on sexually suggestive pics, such as a mock inspirational poster of two big-breasted women holding beer bottles in the cleavage, with the tagline "BOOBS: Because that beer's not going to hold itself." (Another pic shows a guy at a row of men's-room urinals -- above the urinals are pics of women whipping out measuring tape and snapping photos, as if to get a closer look at the guy's junk. Piller's face, and what appear to be the faces of other females at Hays McConn, are superimposed onto those women's bodies. It's a knee-slapper.) But according to the complaint, Piller was the main target.

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