Ryan Earl Whitton: Swipes Bar Tip Jar, Racks Up Felony DWI

Looks like 24-year-old Ryan Earl Whitton was wearing his bad-idea jorts when he hit the bars of Bryan Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

Police there say Whitton swiped a tip jar off the bar at Carney's Pub and Grill -- a surefire way to endear yourself to bar staff forever. Numerous witnesses saw him drive away from the scene and gave a description of his car to area police, and Bryan cops pulled him over shortly thereafter.

When questioned, Whitton denied the tip-jar heist, but police found a small wad of bills in his pocket: less than $50, according to the theft charge that would later be filed. Also in his car: a sack of pot, leading to a misdemeanor possession charge, and an open bottle of malt likka.

It looks like Whitton will get a pass on the open container charge, but only because he failed a field sobriety test. When he did so, Whitton reportedly dropped to his knees and started to weep, telling police that "he would go away forever." And well he might, because thanks to two prior DWI convictions, his latest charge is a felony that could send him up the river for two to ten years.

Whitton hails from the Cypress area and has a lengthy Harris County criminal record, including a cocaine possession rap, three convictions stemming from assaults of various family members, and one of his two DWI convictions. The second conviction came in Montgomery County, where he was also charged with felony evading in a vehicle.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.