Saavedra Tells HISD When His Last Day Will Be, By E-Mail

Turns out, Houston ISD superintendent Abe Saavedra sent out an e-mail to district administrators last Friday, giving them his last day news.

HISD spokesman Norm Uhl found out about it Friday afternoon and planned to release the news today, "but the Bellaire Examiner got a tip and scooped me. Good work on their part.

In his farewell notification, Saavedra gave himself and his administrators a pat on the back before cutting to the chase.

The full e-mail is after the jump.

"As everyone knows, we have just completed one of the most successful academic years for HISD. The work that you and your staffs have done this year has been extraordinary. I look forward to the official state accountability ratings that we should receive by August 1 and an opportunity to celebrate with all of you. When I announced in early February my intention to retire within the next year, I purposely did not identify my actual exit date. I wanted the board to have an opportunity to start the process of a superintendent search and have a successor ready to continue the work. The superintendent search is moving in earnest and the board expects to have a short list of candidates to interview by some time in July. I am sure they will be ready to make their selection soon after. Based on this projected timeline, I have informed the board that August 31, 2009 would be an appropriate exit date for me. I look forward to continuing our work together during the next two months and an opportunity to celebrate our successes on behalf of the children of Houston.

Thank you."

As for our further questions about whether there will be a need for an interim superintendent, how the search for the new superintendent was going and continuity of services, Uhl said those would be questions for the board.


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