Sam Houston Race Park Can't Stay Open, But It Can Make Great Commercials

Sam Houston Race Park hasn't reopened since Ike damaged it (and some horse folks are muttering darkly that Ike didn't damage it as much as the tanking economy), but it has found something to celebrate.

One of its TV ads has been chosen as one of the "Funniest Commercials of the Year" by TBS.

TBS (apparently) does a show each year showing the best commercials. We don't know how funny it is, but it can't be quite as funny as Sam Houston officials noting that the show is hosted by "Saturday Night Live legend Kevin Nealon."

Anyway, the winning ad, which can be viewed here, is utterly a love letter to anonymous gay bathroom sex.

Entitled "Here's to Racing,: it could have been entitled "A Night OUt With Larry Craig."

A Craig-like man enters a men's room and proceeds to the furthest of four urinals. As he pees away, a flamboyant younger man bounces in, takes the urinal right next to him instead of one further away, and flirtingly flips his necktie over his shoulder.

(We think the color of the tie means something, like the old hanky-in-the-backpocket stuff, but we're not sure.)

As they both stand there whizzing (presumably), the younger guy gets more and more excited. We're supposed to believe he's in rapture because he finishes peeing before the older guy (See, it's a race!), but we know better.

Frankly, we're appalled.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.