Sam Houston Race Park Welcomes The Teabaggers

Sam Houston Race Park has a new way of trying to entice customers to the park: radical, extreme political events wherein the office of the President of the United States will be disparaged and its occupant compared to Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and whatever other figure talk radio comes up with.

The event is similar to the anti-Iraq war protests held during the Bush administration, where Park officials welcomed the thousands upon thousands of Americans to disagree with the current White House occupant, and compare him to Hitler. It's similar to it in the sense that such a thing never happened at Sam Houston Race Park during the Iraq War period.

But what was impossible then is very possible now, so the Park is hosting the North Houston Tea Party Patriots and their "Stand Up America! Vote!" event, which features Mattress Mack and climate-change skeptic Lord Christopher Monckton. Also such subtle political thinkers as radio's Walton & Johnson and Joe Pags.

We asked Race Park spokesperson Gina Rotolo why the facility decided to get in bed with extreme political groups, even those who hide behind flag-waving rhetoric.

"Sam Houston Race Park hosts a variety of public and private events annually and The Park is open to working with many groups, organizations and businesses," she said, not really answering the question.

But -- apparently aware suddenly that the event might be politicized beyond anything SHRP has done in the past -- she wanted to make one thing clear. "Views expressed at events that take place on The Park's grounds do not reflect the views or opinions of SHRP owners or operating staff," she said.

So if someone at the Tea Party says Obama is a Mooslim, Kenyan-born spy fixin' to send critics to FEMA concentration camps, that opinion does not reflect the view of SHRP.

On the other hand, if someone says America's the best darn country on earth, that opinion does not reflect "the views or opinions of SHRP owners or operating staff," apparently.

See how sticky this can get, SHRP.

Ah well. We're sure when the Neo-Nazi Party wants to hold "Fun at Der Track Night!" or when ACORN and the Weathermen and Al-Qaeda want to rent the place out, SHRP will welcome them with open arms.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.