Sam Houston State Student Arrested on 4-Year-Old Charge After Stupid Tweet About Murdered Deputy

A Sam Houston State University student was arrested in Montgomery County on a warrant related to a four-year old assault charge one day after she published a deplorable tweet about Harris County sheriff's deputy Darren Goforth, who was shot and killed on duty last week. 

Early Tuesday morning, Monica Foy, a junior at SHSU, tweeted a comment implying Goforth deserved to die and "had creepy perv eyes." Not long after that, Breitbart News ran a short story about Foy and her tweet, which quickly went viral. Montgomery County Sheriff's Office spokesman Brady Fitzgerald said someone phoned in a tip later that day that there was an active warrant out for Foy's arrest.

Court records show Foy was charged with a misdemeanor assault on September 9, 2011, after allegedly punching a male former co-worker in the face on August 21 of that year. According to the complaint, Foy's punch allegedly knocked the glasses off the man's face and left a small cut inside his mouth. It is unclear if Foy was ever taken into custody, questioned by authorities, or even scheduled for a court appearance. After she was charged, Foy's bond was set at $1,000. Three days later, the court issued a warrant for Foy's arrest, which apparently remained the last action on the docket for the next four years. Foy's case was still listed as "inactive" on the Harris County District Clerk's website as of Wednesday afternoon. 

Fitzgerald said he did not know who provided the tip, but he said the caller offered Foy's location as well as the information about her outstanding misdemeanor warrant. After they ran Foy through the system and confirmed the outstanding warrant, Fitzgerald said Montgomery County sheriff's deputies found and arrested Foy without incident. She was booked at 8 p.m. Tuesday night and released on the bond amount established in 2011 at 3 a.m Wednesday. Fitzgerald said no charges were filed against Foy in Montgomery County. 

While it appears as though finding Foy was not a priority for local law enforcement in the four years since Foy was charged, it remains unclear why she was not arrested earlier. It's not as if Foy was hiding—she was active on social media, attends a public university and lives in The Woodlands. 

"It was never brought to our attention," Fitzgerald said. "She obviously had never been stopped on a traffic [violation] or identified by a peace officer or run through dispatch. If one of those things had occurred the warrant would’ve came up before now. We get tips on wanted subjects all the time and we follow up on them and try to serve the warrant."

Still, the timing of Foy's arrest (and the secrecy shrouding the caller who tipped off authorities) raises questions about whether this happened as retaliation to her ill-advised tweet. Foy was arrested just two days after Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman in a press conference implied that "dangerous rhetoric" from the #BlackLivesMatter movement led to Goforth's murder. Only a few minutes before she published the appalling message about Goforth, Foy tweeted "#BlackLivesMatter."

Authorities claim Shannon Miles shot and killed Goforth at a gas station in northwest Harris County last Friday night. Miles has a history of mental illness and a criminal record. A motive for the shooting is not yet known. 

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