Sammy Robles: Tased, Shot at, Continues to Beat Cop

One thing's for sure: Sammy Robles really didn't want to be arrested for stealing a car Friday.

Houston police officer R.T. Johnson responded to a call about a stolen car at 5:45 p.m. Friday, HPD says. He saw Robles in the stolen car in the 3800 block of Sherwood Lane on the northwest side.

That's when things got hairy.

Johnson told Robles to get out of the car and he refused, HPD says; when the officer tried to get him out, Robles pushed him away and fled.

Johnson caught him quickly, and Robles started punching him in the face, leading to a little taste of the ol' Taser.

"The suspect then complied," HPD says; "however, as Officer Johnson was taking him into custody, Robles turned around, began striking the officer again and grabbed Officer Johnson's duty weapon with both hands, attempting to disarm him."

Johnson pushed him back and again gave him orders to stop resisting; when Robles again lunged for Johnson's pistol, he fired but missed.

Robles -- tased and shot at, but undeterred -- took off again. And again, it seems as if on-foot escapes are not his forte. Johnson caught up with him again.

So he gave up peacefully, right? Come on -- that wouldn't be the Sammy Robles we've come to know, if not love.

"As Officer Johnson again attempted to take Robles into custody, the suspect began to strike the officer with his fists, feet and elbows and again reached for Officer Johnson's duty weapon," HPD says. "A citizen saw Officer Johnson and the suspect physically fighting and ran to assist Officer Johnson. The Good Samaritan then helped Officer Johnson take Robles into custody."

Johnson suffered injuries to his face and hand and was treated at the scene.

Robles is charged with assault with bodily injury of a public servant and disarming a police officer.

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