San Franciscans Still Can't Donate Recycling Bins To Houston

Houston, it turns out we at Hair Balls, despite earlier claims, have


done enough to get this city off its non-recycling ass.

We put blind faith in the report that a city official had finally contacted the San Franciscans who nobly wanted to donate recycling bins to the city. The contact came after we wrote about how Stephen Elliott, founder of the Progressive Reading Series, was having no luck at all getting anyone at the city to talk about accepting the donation.

It was blind faith misplaced.

Elliott wrote us again today, saying the effort from the city, such as it was, had not been followed up at all.

“I haven’t heard back from Marilyn since Monday, and the fundraiser is a week from tomorrow,” writes Elliott, who frankly is beginning to sound a bit whiney.

"Marilyn" is Marilyn Leday of the recycling department, who finally returned the San Francisco calls after our initial item appeared.

We’ve asked mayoral spokesman Frank Michel for some insight on all this, but have yet to hear back from him.

Maybe we just hate San Francisco? With all of its smug "We Recycle!" ways?

-- Richard Connelly

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