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Sara Saco-Vertiz: Astros' "Foul Ball Girl" Gets Arrested For Drinking & Lack Of Hockey Knowledge

Sara Saco-Vertiz had her moment of internet fame this summer when the guy she was attending an Astros game with

ducked out of the way of a foul ball

that hit her.

The couple went on a national TV show, they engaged in an unseemly squabble on Facebook, they moved on. As did the nation.

But Saco-Vertiz, 19, is back in the news: The Orlando Sentinel reports that she was arrested at Universal Orlando's CityWalk for underage drinking.

What tripped her up ulitmately? No hockey knowledge.

The paper says Saco-Vertiz, who now lives in Florida, was drinking wine at "a popular night spot" when a cop checked her license.

Her license said she was 21-year-old Elissa Hamman of Buffalo, NY.

"The officer tested her by asking if she was a fan of the Buffalo Sabres hockey team. She replied that she prefers the Dallas Cowboys -- a football team," the paper said.

Eventually she gave up the ruse and was charged with the misdemeanor of "obstruction by disguise." She bailed out of jail nearly five hours later after posting a $500 bail.

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