Sarah Palin: Libs Hate Her Because She's Beautiful, Not Like That Michelle Obama

Texas Tech, that bastion of Americanism way out there in Lubbock, has done it again.

This time they're not protesting a statue that allegedly features Commies and lesbians, nor are they linking tattoos to social deviance.

This time, they're saying liberals hate Sarah Palin because she's beautiful, and libs prefer dogs like Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton and Elena Kagan. Well, at least one Red Raider is.

A.W.R. Hawkins writes an online column for the conservative Human Events and proudly lists in his bio that he has a Ph.D. in military history from Tech. Which makes him an expert on dames, apparently.

Libs and Dems hate Sarah Palin because she's for smaller government, he writes in his latest column; they hate her because she didn't go to an Ivy League school and they hate her because "she chose to carry her Down Syndrome baby to term instead of aborting it. (That last one really drives them crazy.)"

But what really sets these abortion-loving atheists off? "[A]ll these reasons are trumped by the fact that they despise her beauty," he writes.

As a member of the media, we supposedly knew this already:

The double standard resides here: When Palin dresses in nice clothes reporters act like she's being ostentatious, but when Mrs. Obama does it reporters are taken aback by her glamour. Yet the dirty little secret is that Palin could don a $90.00 dress from Wal-Mart and steal the show from a diamond covered Mrs. Obama any day, and the media knows it.

Got it. The analysis goes even deeper, hard as it may be to believe:

[T]he left criticizes that which they fear. We also have to keep in mind the fact that all the names they throw at Palin are really code words for "Dang, that woman looks good."

And who can blame them for noticing? After all, since the 1930s they've spent their time supporting women who looked like Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno, Tipper Gore, and Elena Kagan.

Suffice it to say there isn't a lot of pinup potential in that list.

Texas Tech represent!!! No fatties allowed!

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